I offer lectures and seminars in the information and communications engineering programs at the University of Klagenfurt. My core teaching portfolio covers the first-semester bachelor lecture on design of digital circuits and the master lectures on sensor networks and pervasive computing. These lectures are complemented by tutorial courses and lab courses offered by assistants.

Design of Digital Circuits

History of computing; number systems and codes; Boolean algebra; combinatorial logic circuits; circuit minimization; adders; storage elements; finate automata; sequential logic circuits, registers and counters; memory; basics of microprocessors

Sensor Networks

Introduction; node architecture; sensing, processing and communications modules; energy sources; operating systems; middleware systems; media access; contention-free, contention-based and hybrid protocols; data-centric forwarding; address-based routing; time synchronization; message-based synchronization protocols; security and privacy; applications

Pervasive Computing

Introduction and motivation; trends and enabling technologies; wireless personal networking; localization; identification; context-awareness; sensor networks; wearable computing; cooperation; middleware systems; non-technical aspects; applications

I further offer seminars and supervise students for their project and thesis work. The following guidelines, advice and template should be helpful for students: