Author: Bernhard Rinner


IEEE ASI webinar

Bernhard Rinner talked about “How to Act as Team. Multi-Robot Coordination” in the framework of the IEEE ASI webinar series. Abstract Now that robots have evolved from bulky platforms to agile devices, a challenge is to combine multiple robots into an integrated autonomous system, offering functionality that individual robots cannot […]


Four conference papers in April 2024

Members of the Pervasive Computing group presented four papers at the 2024 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2024) in Seoul, Korea and the International Conference on Distributed Computing in Smart Systems and the Internet of Things (DCOSS-IoT 2024) in Abu Dhabi, UAE: Rockson Agyeman introduced […]


PhD defense Markus Gutmann

Today Markus Gutmann successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled Mission Specification and Execution of Multidrone Systems. The committee was composed by Prof. Christian Bettstetter (chair), Prof. Marilyn Wolf (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and Prof. Wilfried Elmenreich. Let’s congratulate our most recent PhD graduate!


Digitalization award for Florian Huber

Florian Huber received the Digitalization Award of the state of Carinthia for his bachelor thesis “Visual Navigation of an UAV based on Squared Planar Markers” that was supervised by Bernhard Rinner. Florian received the award December 5, 2023. Press release of the state of Carinthia.


Multidrone mission specification and execution

Over the course of the past years, drones have proven to be a capable tool in diverse civil domains, such as agriculture, construction, inspection, surveillance, search and rescue and even space exploration. Existing software tools for specifying and executing multidrone missions are limited to route planning or tightly coupled to […]


Signal processing for autonomous systems

I will give an invited talk on “How to Act as Team” as part of the ICASSP Workshop on Signal Processing for Autonomous Systems (SPAS) on June 5, 2023. Scope of the workshop Autonomous systems are gaining major traction in various sectors of industry, including autonomous vehicles, warehouse settings, smart […]