Author: Bernhard Rinner


A bachelor thesis evolved into a startup company

What has started as a bachelor thesis on camera networks has evolved into a startup company with a staff of five people. Bernhard Rinner In 2014 Michael Gruber started his bachelor thesis at the Pervasive Computing group by investigating different software tools for simulating distributed algorithms in multi-camera networks. Together […]


PhD defense Omair Sarwar

Today Omair Sarwar successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled Facial Privacy Protection in Airborne Recreational Videography. Omair participated in our Erasmus Mundus Doctoral School on Interactive and Cognitive Environements and was co-supervised by Andrea Cavallaro. The committee was composed by Prof. Hermann Hellwagner (chair), Prof. Ildar Farkhatdinov (Queen Mary University […]


UAV motion planning for multi-coverage

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with onboard cameras are increasingly deployed in various applications including surveying, search and rescue, inspection as well as video production. In all these applications, the UAVs move – in many cases autonomously – to capture imagery of sufficient quality of the environment or objects of interest.  […]