Author: Bernhard Rinner


Path planning for confined environments

Planning the collision-free, simultaneous movement of multiple agents is a fundamental problem in multi-robot systems and becomes particularly challenging in highly confined environments. Hikmet Beyoglu addresses this problem in his master thesis by first searching for collision-free paths in a discretized environment and then optimizing the agents’ dynamically feasible trajectories […]


AIDA AI excellence lecture

Bernhard Rinner gave a lecture on “Self-awareness for autonomous systems” as part of the AI Excellence Lecture Series of the Artificial Intelligence Doctoral Academy. Abstract Self-awareness is a broad concept borrowed from cognitive science and psychology that describes the property of a system, which has knowledge of “itself,” based on […]


New leadership of the faculty

On January 1, 2022, there was a leadership change at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Clemens Heuberger, professor of discrete mathematics, was appointed the new dean for two years. Heuberger has been vice dean of the faculty since 2013 and therefore brings a lot of experience to his position. Bernhard […]


PhD defense of Petra Mazdin

Today Petra Mazdin successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled Communication-Aware Multi-Robot Coordination for Simultaneous Coverage. The committee was composed by Prof. Christian Bettstetter (chair), Prof. Daniele Nardi (Sapienza University of Rome) and Prof. Hermann Hellwagner. Petra conducted her PhD within the Karl Popper Kolleg on Networked Aerial Autonomous Vehicles and […]


Multidrone flight demonstration

The University of Klagenfurt launched the Karl Popper Doktorats- und Wissenschaftskolleg “Networked Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (NAV)“ in October 2017; having completed a cycle of just under four years, it is now coming to an end. Stephan Weiss, who serves as the speaker of the programme, reflects on a success story: […]